Estate Specialties

Any size home, never too big or too small. We have a team of trained personell to smoothly translate your fine collectable house hold items into real cash in an instant.

We can buy your entire estate or conduct an Estate sale for you.

Who we are?

Estate Specialties & The Jewelry & Coin Mart. Estate Specialties is a full service company experienced in moving and downsizing sales and complete estate liquidation. We utilize our many resources and attention to detail to make the process stress free and easy for our clients.Our objective is to take the worry and concern out of liquidating your estate. What can be a stressful and emotional situation. We understand our clients are very busy and extremely overwhelmed by the time they get to us. Our intention is to make this a positive and profitable experience for you.

Our intention is to make this a positive and profitable experience for you.

Our Staff

We have an experienced staff of professional merchants and appraisers who can research and evaluate your possessions and achieve the highest possible price for your estate. Whatever the reason for the sale, we treat our clients and their property with the greatest care and respect. We provide adequate man power to accomodate the sale.

How we work?

We use all methods to carefully research and appraise your valuables. We will clean, fix, rearrange, organize, and attractively display all items including furniture, rugs, glassware, china, silver, books, linens, kitchen utensils, tools, and outdoor furnishings. Each item is then priced separately. On the days of the sale, personnel will be available in all rooms for assistance and to ticket the items for purchase. Inside and outside security will be provided, and we will control the number of customers allowed in the house at all times.

Security during the sales is number One.

Advertising the sale

All techniques of advertising such as newspapers and internet will be integrated to publicize your sale for maximum results.

We spend time and money to advertise your sale and draw crowd to sell your estate.

Why use us?

We believe honesty, knowledge, and professionalism are qualities both clients and customers expect. If you are in need of superior Estate Sale services, Irene Burnett at Estate Specialties is the contact for you. No Estate would be too large or too small to get our full service and attention. Careful evaluations for maximum value.If you are having an estate sale, we are the company to call:

(847)-839 9500. We are licensed and bonded, and have bank and attorney references.

Jewelry Mart's Most Wanted Items

We're Buying:

  • Rolex Watches
  • Diamonds: 1 Carat & Larger
  • US Gold and Silver Coins
  • Estate Platinum Jewelry
  • All Tiffany Items
  • Patek Philippe Watches
  • Cartier Items
  • NGC & PCGS Certified Coins
  • Vintage Wrist & Pocket Watches